Privacy Policy

Bit Factory, Inc. ("Bit Factory") is committed to complying with the following privacy policy ("Policy") when collecting and using information related to users of "Uniqys" and its affiliates ("Uniqys").

1. Definition of Personal Information

In this Policy, "personal information" is defined as information provided from users that a specific individual is identifiable, such as name, gender, home address, birthday, telephone number, email address, etc. "Identifiable" means that an individual can be identified with only the provided information and we can specify an individual by matching with other information, without the need for a special investigation. If the individual is not identifiable, the provided information will not correspond with personal information, even if it contains the items listed above. However, if the provided information associated with other information that an individual is identifiable, it will also be regarded as a personal information.

2. Announcements and Notices Related with Personal Information

When we acquire personal information from users, we will officially announce the followings on websites containing this Policy or by other forms: the purpose of use, the method of use, the range of use, our window to users, the extent of third parties that we provide personal information, and name of person responsible for information management.

3. Use of Personal Information

We will not use the user's personal information beyond the purposes notified to users or listed below, without the user's consent.
(1) To provide services of Uniqys, and to communicate and provide information on various matters in Uniqys.
(2) To investigate or analyze the usage situation and such of Uniqys.
(3) To improve or add a new feature to Uniqys service.
(4) To provide information to third parties such as affiliated companies including Bit Factory's parent company, as a part of the above (3).
(5) To investigate the user satisfaction score.
(6) To aggregate statistically processed information, and officially announce as a survey result.
(7) To make requests for cooperation and guidance to various events, and to report on the results.
(8) To solve the troubles of Uniqys service operation.
(9) For purposes related to the above purposes.
Additionally, Bit Factory may process the provided personal information, for the purpose of statistical analyzation of gender distribution, preference distribution, usage history, and so on. Processed data will be anonymized, which means the data will not identify an individual or cannot be restored to a personal information. We may provide the processed data to a third party or open to the public, and in that case, we will announce on websites or by other forms.

4. Obtaining, Providing, and Disclosing of Personal Information

We will not obtain personal information by deceiving or in any other unrighteous manner. We will not provide or disclose obtained information to third parties without the user's consent, except the case of closure 3, (4). However, we may cooperate and provide information to public institutions such as court, prosecutor, and competent authorities.

5. Safety Management for Personal Information

To prevent personal information from leaking, losing, being damaged, being falsified, or maliciously accessed, we will continually commit to improving the security system on personal information. Additionally, we will try our best to keep personal information updated and accurate, with the user's cooperation. We limit the employees who handle personal information only to the extent necessary for the purpose of use. We also place a person in charge who handles personal information to conduct necessary management.

6. Personal Information of Users Under 15 Years Old

We will take special care to handle the personal information of users under 15 years old. Please be sure to provide personal information of users who are under 15 years old under the consent of the parents.

7. Request for Discontinuance, Correction, Deletion, Disclosure of Personal Information

When you request for disclosure, discontinuance, and deletion of information held by us, or discontinuance, correction, and deletion of disclosed information, please contact the address on closure 10. We will properly verify the identity, and then promptly disclose, discontinue, or delete your information. If there were any incorrect items in the disclosed information, we will immediately correct or delete it. Also, even if it is not erroneous information, we will respond promptly to request for deletion. Please note that we may separately charge a reasonable fee as stipulated by Bit Factory.

8. Exemption

We do not take any responsibility in the following cases.
(1) When the user him- or herself reveals his personal information to a third party.
(2) When the information directly entered by the user is in a situation where it can be obtained by a third party, and the user him- or herself has been identified from them.

9. Legal Obligations

In processing a user's personal information, we will comply with related laws and regulations concerning personal information protection in Japan and internal regulations.

10. Contact Address

For inquiries regarding this policy, please send it to the following e-mail address.

Effective date: 2018/07/25
Bit Factory, Inc.